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What is left of the body after cremation?

What is left of the body after cremation?

Many wonder what is left after cremation. Contrary to what many people believe, cremated remains are not sand or dust.  Cremated remains generally consist of small fragments of bone. 

Cremation remains

The cremated remains may resemble powdery concrete dust and can range from a light color to a grayish, darker hue. cremation

While cremation involves reducing a deceased body to small ash-like fragments, the remains are not considered ashes in the traditional sense of the word. 

The final weight of the cremated remains depends on the weight and size of the body but can range anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds.  The remains can contain approximately 5% (by weight) of non-combustible materials, such as materials from the container and elements such as prosthetics and metal fillings.

State environmental agencies are responsible for regulating crematories.  They have been charged with ensuring the public’s protection by enforcing strict design, operations, and quality control.

It is important to ensure they have a sound reputation and good history of high-quality standards and ethics.  

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