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Direct Cremation Services

Cremation Services.com is dedicated to providing caring, personalized, and detailed cremation services to you and your family in your time of bereavement. You can choose a fitting cremation or memorial service that meets your circumstances and wishes. Direct Cremation Services include a variety of options. Perhaps you are planning ahead and at the beginning of the information gathering process or you may have just lost a loved one and are feeling overwhelmed by the various legal and financial considerations involved.

In either case, our experienced and compassionate staff is ready to answer your questions, address any requirements or concerns and provide advice and professional management of the entire process.

Direct Cremation Services include:

  • Removal of the body 
  • Filing of all paperwork 
  • Crematory fees 
  • Cremation remains returned (temporary urn)

Choose from several options to combine a Cremation Service with a Memorial Service.

You can choose to hold a traditional service or memorial service in conjunction with a cremation service. Holding a service in conjunction with the cremation provides a way to pay tribute to the memory of the deceased. Additionally, such services help family and loved ones deal with their feelings of grief regarding the passing of the deceased. One of our professional Funeral Service firms will assist you if this is your wish. Choose from several options for Direct Cremation Services and get free cremation information.