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When you or a loved one passes, there is always the issue of where your personal belongings go. Even if you do not have that much you should design a will of some sort that helps to relieve the burden of having to rifle through the personal items of a loved one in your time of grief and sorrow. Conversely, you can also use a will to ensure that those closest to you in terms of family relationships do not get any of your personal worth and it instead goes to a friend who is more deserving in your eyes, or to a charitable location which you has become a personal cause to you.

Living wills are wills that you design while you are still alive which carry through until your passing. You can sit down with a lawyer, specifically a probate lawyer, to design the layout and content of your living wills before you pass so that all of your affairs are in order at the time of your parting or the parting of a loved one. Living wills can lay out exactly how you want your personal belongings divided after your passing whether it be among your survivors or among charity. If you own a company you can establish living wills to ensure the health of the company is appropriately passed on after your passing.

You can also use living wills to make sure that in the event of an untimely passing, all of the affairs are in order and a survivor is designated as the caretaker for your children or pets if your passing has come at a time when they remain very young and unable to tend to themselves.

Living wills are most appropriate for those who have children or are the guardians of others.

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