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Facts on direct cremation

Learn the facts about Direct Cremation

 In simple terms, direct cremation is when the deceased is taken directly to the crematory.   In traditional cremation, the body is taken to the funeral home for the viewing or a for a brief memorial service before being taken to the crematory.

In direct cremation, the body is taken directly from the morgue or place of death to the crematory.   There is no funeral or visitation so, therefore, the body is not embalmed or prepared for viewing.

So why choose direct cremation?  Many people choose direct cremation so that they can have more time to prepare an appropriate memorial service at a later date.  Perhaps they want a larger memorial service that requires more planning and preparation.

Others choose direct cremation because they prefer a simple, no-frills process that is respectful and expeditious.  It may be that the family does not want to have to deal with the additional cost or decisions involved in visitation services or embalming and preparing the body.  Perhaps a direct cremation is more appropriate due to the circumstances surrounding the person’s death.

Either way, direct cremation is a cost-effective and dignified way to handle a loved one’s passing.  It is a purely personal preference and up to the family.  Direct cremation should be carefully thought out and all options weighed as, obviously, this decision is not reversible. 

While many have already planned out and designated how they want their burial handled, many have not, so it is important to carefully understand all of the choices that are available so that there are no regrets.

Many families have been happy with the simple, cost-effective process offered by a direct cremation and the advantage of additional time to prepare for an appropriate memorial service at a later date.   Direct cremation has become the preferred option for many families.