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Wills and Trust

Wills & Trusts Protect Your Assets

Wills and trusts are established to help your survivors and properly deal with your belongings and assets. When you design a will the intent is to say where you want each of your items to go and to whom. Many people donate some of their money or goods to a child or their spouse if the spouse survives them, or even to charity. It is common for people to leave their goods and money to those who immediately survive them. A will allows someone to say exactly what or how much of their money they want to go to those who survive them. For instance, they may have four children and twelve grandchildren surviving them so when they pass they want ten percent of their personal worth to go to their four children and then the remaining sixty percent of their personal worth divided equally among their grandchildren. Will and trust

Wills and trusts often go hand in hand because those to whom you may leave your monetary wealth or other belongings may not yet be of a proper age to handle them at your passing. This is the reason why trusts are established. If, for instance, the twelve grandchildren mentioned above range in age you can denote trusts for the money you wish to leave them so that they receive a certain percentage or stipend to cover college costs or when they turn the age of twenty-five or thirty, etc…

You can create wills and trusts with an experienced attorney who will ensure that everything is properly handled and legally signed and filed before your passing so as to avoid any potential complications or delays once you pass.Wills and trusts are a great way to ensure that your survivors and loved ones are free from burden in their time of grief and sorrow.