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Creating a Lasting Tribute

Obituaries are often published newspaper articles of a very short nature that list those who died, information about their death, those people they left behind, and other pertinent information needed for a short memorial of the deceased. When you are preparing obituaries you want to make sure that you leave those who read them with a short but sweet memory of the person you lost. One way of writing obituaries for those loved ones you lost is to create a tribute.

This is a speech that focuses on the accomplishments and achievements of the lost person. Legacy is when you focus on the things which the deceased has left behind. This can include projects they completed, businesses they developed, charitable contributions they made, and families they left behind. If you find that you cannot decide between which theme you want when you are writing obituaries for those loved ones you lost, you should resort to the stream of consciousness technique wherein you simply list the things which come to mind. Look at the things you have written down and evaluate them. See if the majority of the things you wrote relate to the legend left behind by the deceased, or if the majority of what you wrote down relates to personal stories you recall.

When you are writing obituaries for those loved ones you lost, take the main points of the life of the deceased and highlight them and your thoughts related to them. Summarize these points and use them to create the body of your speech. If appropriate certain themes might work for people to whom you are close, including a religious theme, a musical theme, or a humorous theme. It might even be appropriate to give a toast in honor of the deceased after the obituaries have been completed.