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Cremation Services Managing Partner

Cremation Services™ is experiencing record growth as we expand our services and area served. The funeral industry is at the beginning of a new tipping point and requires a change in the way we care for those we serve. 

We’re looking for a Managing Partner who is a licensed funeral director, a detail-oriented individual, who is capable of helping us implement this growth strategy. A professional who understands the need for change and will provide great customer service to our families. We are open to partnering with a firm that has an interest in becoming a partner and managing this opportunity. 

Our goal is in developing a state-of-the-art, national cremation service through local service providers and recruiting a team of senior leaders who can scale the business on a National basis. 

If you have an interest in discussing this opportunity, reach out to us here.

Millennial's Make Change

91% of Millennials expect to move and not stay in their home, current job, or even location for more than 3 less.

Millennials are not afraid to share their opinions and ideas, nor challenge traditional memorial practices.

In fact, this tech-savvy, hyper-connected generation will change the funeral profession forever.

Millennials tend to think differently and maybe less religious and traditional than previous generations. They are not inclined to do things a certain way just because that’s the way it’s always been done. 

It is critical to understand that Millennials behave differently, and need different types of solutions in the care of their families.

Our leadership team will focus on meeting these opportunities to change and serve our customers and friends through the next generations.

We hope you will explore this opportunity to lead Cremation Services™ and its team of professionals.

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If this is setting off your alarms, you are not the only one. Many Funeral Service professionals are concerned with the rapid job change promoted by the consumer and current generation. You already know the impact on our business over the last 20 years and the expedited change related to the Pandemic.