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Final Expense Life Insurance

rtCremImg1It is simple, affordable and without medical exam.   This final expense insurance is designed to protect you or your loved ones from financial burdens at the time of need.  If you are 45 to 75, you will not be turned down for health reasons and your premiums are guaranteed to stay the same for the life of the policy.

A final expense insurance quote allows you to see the options offered by several different providers, in order to compare their policies in terms of premium rates and coverage amounts. It’s an easy and convenient way to guarantee the company you choose can meet your wishes as well as the needs of your family. The quote provides you with an average or assumed cost with no obligation or specified contract.  You can buy online in a few minutes.

Final Expense Insurance

No Medical Exam-Simple Application. As Low As $3.49 /Mo. No Waiting, No Agent Visit. No Waiting Period.

Cremation insurance quotes contain the items that the insurance policy covers. These are the services that the insurance company offers pertaining to the cremation of the deceased. This is normally in accordance to the agreement made between the insurer and the insured. Some of the possible expenses contained in the quotes, depending on service arrangements, are; funeral vehicles, flowers, cremation arrangement cost, and the urn.

Since cremation costs and funeral service costs are not always handled jointly, the cremation quotes may or may not apply to all funeral homes, since there are terms by which each funeral home runs it’s operations. Therefore, an individual seeking to purchase a cremation insurance policy can visit several funeral homes and make a choice depending on the quotes in the insurance policy.