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The 5 Best Ways to Plan Ahead for Funeral Expenses

The 5 Best Ways to Plan Ahead for Funeral Expenses
  1. Plan & Pay for Your Funeral in Advance.
  2. Go the Prepaid Route.
  3. Cash in on Insurance.
  4. Go Green. Choose Cremation
  5. Start Your Funeral Fund.

Planning Ahead – Decisions about Your Final Wishes

Planning Ahead

While it is not necessary to request cremation in a legal document, it is a good idea as an added assurance that your final wishes will be fulfilled upon your death.  Most people include this information in a document known as a Final Directive as, many times, the Will is not addressed until after the person is memorialize.

Add Details

You can add detailed information in your final directive including details on your memorial service, interment, and even the type of music and hymns you would like used at your service.  Some people have added additional details such as who they want to be their pallbearers and who they would like to do the eulogy.

Provide Disclosure

If you have prearranged your cremation and funeral home services, it is important to also add this information in the document so that those remaining know who to contact.  Be sure to include whether or not these funeral and cremation services have been prepaid, the amount paid, and the type of payment.

Avoid Confusion

Also,  share your final directives with trusted family members and make your wishes very clear so that there is no confusion.  The last thing you want is family members arguing over details of your service after you are gone.

Inform Loved Ones

If you have not had a chance to complete a legal Final Directive document, tell your family members what your wishes are until you are able to do so.  It is better that someone at least is aware of your wishes, even if you haven’t had them put into writing.

Planning Ahead